How much will PricePad cost?

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  • Ideal for location and national Window and Door Installers
  • We have a range of tariffs
    to suit businesses of all sizes.
  • Costs are split into one-off set up fees and affordable monthly subscriptions.
  • A menu of rates accommodate PricePad, MyWindowsBrand and other modules designed to support business growth.


  • Are you a fabricator for Window and Doors? Integrate PricePad into your business
  • We have a range of packages to suit Fabricators.
  • Our services include the ability to be able to tailor PricePad to suit fabricator product rates as well as unique product ranges.
  • Tailored development packages can also be negotiated to support specific business needs.


  • Are you a manufacturer of Windows and Doors? Offer your products directly within PricePad
  • Our development team are experienced in incorporating new product ranges including design, style and accessory options.
  • Competitive rates are available to incorporate new product ranges which can be accessed by all partners.

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